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Whether it is high quality fabric, comfortable and soft autumn and winter trousers, bright color, light and warm long style sweater, the style has the style of sweater, flame retardant and antibacterial gloves and so on through the designer's hand. This winter, you will no longer be cold. This winter, you will not be troubled by wearing.
This series of cold protection and ultra light cotton clothes is our latest explosion, in the cold winter, let us find more color, with such an elegant coat, let you warm for a winter!

Ofyilun r 95 fiber two features: intelligent heat preservatin
Beyond the cashmere warmth, the thermal conductivity is the lowest in the fiber, 0.03W/m2. K (300 C).
Active heat storage and heat preservation: far infrared energy absorptivity and emissivity as high as 88%.

The standard moisture regain is very low, which is 1.47%. It can keep warm in wet environment.

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Address: No. 666B, super street, Changchun hi tech Zone, Jilin

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