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 People in Gao Qi
We are full of love for the world, and we are full of hope for the future. We are cheerful and not arrogant. We are confident and not arrogant. We are looking for opportunities at any time, but we will never seek stability. We do not want to rely on the care of the state and society. We prefer life to challenge rather than lethargy. Our nature is upright, proud and fearless. We are brave enough to face the world. We respect authority but do not follow blindly.
We are full of sense of responsibility. We are passionate about our work. We take the initiative to find the mission of the times, and never wait for the history to apportion for us. We are intense, calm, nervous and orderly. We will never invest much time and money into useless work. Our work is compact and rhythmic. We are full of ideals and down to earth. We follow the steps of the times and do not move forward. We grasp the present and do not stick to ourselves. We have to use our sweat to irrigate the glory of Gao Qi.
We are the master of Gao Qi. We identify and create the struggle of Gao Qi. We are happy to work and live. We infect everyone around us with pleasure.
We will never choose to be an ordinary person. We have the right to become an unusual person. We worked hard, and we still work hard today. We will always strive for it. We must dream, we must create, we are not afraid of failure, we must succeed, and we will succeed.

Choose man and use it
codes of conduct
(1) the rules of self-discipline of the members of the board of directors:
1) to win, to be true, with emotion, people being taught;
2) expand our horizons and develop strategies and market ideas.
3) do not get entangled in trifles, keep sober minded and grasp the whole situation.
4) is committed to making research, resourceful and decisive;
5) make sure to avoid anger (avoid excitement), avoid doubt (avoid hesitation), avoid urgent (not urgent success), avoid dark (the situation is unclear and make a decision), avoid flattery (far flattery, close loyalty for the enterprise).
(2) the rules of self-discipline of management:
1) take quality as the foundation, create credibility with credibility, and cultivate corporate culture and professionalism.
2) correctly understand the decisions of the board of directors and creatively implement them.
3) to be broad-minded toward others to maximize and mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff;
4) strive to broaden our horizons and research business, and keep abreast of industry related information and latest business trends.
5) to study cultural knowledge as much as possible, to reflect the moral behavior required by the company as well as possible, to improve its own ideological and cultural quality, and to cultivate a compound talent for the needs of the development of the enterprise.
6) dedicate oneself to the loyalty of a company and strive to become a hero of the company.
(3) the rules of self-discipline of the executive layer:
1) actively and actively fulfill tasks assigned by superiors.
2) work hard to learn the knowledge needed for the business.
3) strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, so that we can comply with our moral standards.
4) work together with colleagues, mutual understanding, solidarity and mutual assistance to accomplish tasks together.
5) strive to improve ideological and cultural quality and lay a solid foundation for the improvement of self consciousness.
6) establish a strong initiative and high quality work style.
7) strive to be loyal to the company and be proud of being a member of the company.
Recruitment principles
(1) the principles of recruitment and promotion are openness, equality, competition and merit.
(2) the concept of corporate human resources is: everyone is talented person, everyone is not talented person. Everyone is a talent. For the use of the person, it means that everyone has his strengths and strengths, and the discovery and use of the right can give full play to its great potential. Everyone is not a talent, and it means that every employee needs to receive appropriate training guidance.
(3) the company is an organic whole of employees' enthusiasm, loyalty and talent. Enthusiasm refers to the attitude of work and whether it can be put into work in a state of mind; loyalty is a request from the aspect of virtue, a noble character, a sense of identity and a sense of return to the company; a talent, a requirement for the ability of the employees.

Career planning
At present, the company is at the stage of expansionary development. In order to realize the new leap of capital, it is not enough to complete the leap only with the unique nature of opportunity, relationship and business variety. Only by attaching importance to the resources of "people" can we improve and realize the breakthrough. Therefore, the company pays extra attention to the self development of the staff. The company's talent strategy is to form talent Heights at all levels of talents, so as to meet the future development needs of the company.
The company respects and tries to activate every employee's creativity and has enough space for all employees to display their talents. The employees of the company have only the difference of division of labor, no difference in weight; no matter what specific occupation they are engaged in, as long as the employees do their duty conscientious and fulfill their job tasks well, they can all be formed, all can be beams, and all are the talents needed by the enterprises.

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We should be enterprising, active learning, mental health and attention development.
Willing to bear pressure, constantly improve themselves;
Pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge;
He is interested in new products and is pioneering.
Facing the new development and new opportunities, we are willing to grow together with Gao Qi.
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